Grass cutting

We provide quality and professional lawn maintenance service for Commercial properties in the Steinbach and surrounding areas.


At fuchs lawn we take pride in maintaining your commercial grounds to the highest standards this includes trimming hedges and string trimming all edges and borders to leave a clean finish.


Weed removal is important if you want to maintain the beauty and appeal of your commercial property. The process involves not just cutting the grass but also removing the clutter and making sure that the area is maintained clean, neat, and tidy.


A beautiful and healthy lawn depends on how good it is maintained. There are plenty of factors that affect lawn growth and these are water, sunlight, and fertilizer. With professional application fertilizer will leave your Lawn plush, green, and healthy.


Fuchs Lawn is a family owned commercial business started in the spring of 2012, by Matt and Candace Fuchs. The idea was initially inspired by Matt's Love for farming/small engine equipment and years of training with his Father whom is also a Lawn Care Technician. We currently operate with three employees and have always had a clear vision to cater to the commercial client, leaving excellent hands on workmanship by the owners themselves. We have managed to appeal to a specific customer base that has led us to working relationships with major companies in our community, we will continue to strive for excellence in our field and offer a specific commercial Lawn care experience.


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